Crowns and Bridges

Cover up and fill in the gaps with our natural-looking crowns and bridges

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CT scanner

Our state-of-the-art scanner allows for accurate treatment planning and superior results

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Our comfortable dentures look and function just like the real thing

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Let us take care of those troublesome teeth

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White fillings

A tooth-coloured option for more subtle repairs

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Gum shields

Custom-made to provide enhanced protection for your pearly whites

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Dental implants

An effective, long-lasting way to restore your smile and improve your dental health

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Teeth whitening

Brighten up your smile with our safe, simple whitening procedures

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Disguise less than perfect teeth with our attractive veneers

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Adult orthodontics

Straighten your smile, no matter what your age, with our discreet, fast-acting appliances

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Children’s orthodontics

Helping to realign younger teeth

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Facial aesthetics

Rejuvenating treatments to beautify your skin

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Nervous patients and sedation

We can help make your dental experience a more relaxing one

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Hygiene services

Our experienced hygienists help keep teeth cleaner and gums healthier

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Preventive dentistry

We aim to spot and treat dental problems before they worsen

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Root canal therapy

We treat infection to keep teeth intact

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We keep a close, caring eye on developing teeth

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The clear alternative to braces

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