Nervous patients and sedation

Nervous patients and IV sedation – providing a worry-free experience.

Plenty of people feel nervous about attending a dental appointment but some people have such intense anxiety, they avoid having dental treatment or even attending check-ups. This reluctance can be due to a number of reasons including fear of pain, feeling out of control, a negative childhood experience or a needle phobia.

However, not seeing the dentist can cause real problems as any tooth decay or gum disease will remain untreated, which could result in tooth loss. The appearance of uncared for teeth can also make you unwilling to smile, which will have an effect on your confidence. In addition, we screen for oral cancer during your routine check-up, so not attending regular appointments can have hugely detrimental effect on your general health too.

Intravenous sedation – a soothing solution

If you find your anxiety is preventing you from attending dental appointments, we can offer intravenous conscious sedation – a safe, effective way to make you feel completely relaxed about having treatment.

The calming drug is delivered with a very thin needle in the back of your hand and though you remain awake, you will feel very relaxed and probably be unable to remember very much at all about the procedure. As you are conscious, you will still be able to communicate with the dentist which can help the procedure run more smoothly. We will watch you closely while you are under sedation and also ask you to bring someone with you so they can drive you home.

For many patients, as sedation works so well, it can be gradually reduced after only a few appointments, and they may eventually be able to have treatment without it.



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